the imbroglio was founded in about 2006, according to the Wayback Machine, which captured the site 290 times (as of this writing) since June 15, 2006. Publishing has been… sporadic during that time and the full archives are more or less lost to history due to technical reasons. The interwebs are complicated and life often gets in the way of our hobbies. You know how it is. 

This blog was the successor to the ambivalent imbroglio, which, somewhat miraculously, still seems to exist online and was published fairly regularly from August 2002 to May 2006. The main topics for both blogs were: graduate school, then law school, higher education more generally, then public defense and criminal defense law, with progressive politics and current events throughout. Blogging in the early aughts (or noughties, which is by far the better term) was so much fun! Legal and law school blogging in particular were amazing during that time. Really.

Now get off my lawn.  

The world and the web have changed. Enshittification is real and, well, doesn’t it kind of feel like things are spinning out of control? Is it just me?

What you’ll find here are my contributions to the online conversation about politics, current events, law, biking, blogging, and whatever else makes it through the transom. Welcome.