iPhone law

Browsing around the iPhone app store I noticed one of the “hot” apps is BarMax MPRE, a free MPRE prep course for your iphone. With lectures, flashcards, and multiple choice questions, it claims “you get everything you need to pass the MPRE for free. No strings attached.” According to the reviews in the app store, that’s true — at least for some people. Of course, it’s also a good advertisement for the BarMax California bar prep course for iPhone, which costs a cool $999.00. Wow. Eleven people have given that app 5 stars and one said he/she passed the bar exam using the program. Really?

You might be reluctant to trust your preparation for the bar exam to an iPhone app, but there are many other great apps out there for law school and lawyers. iPhoneJ.D. has reviewed many of them; in fact, it appears Jeff has reviewed 163 apps and counting. Some of the best I’ve found are Fastcase and Lawstack, two legal research apps, and the FRE on your phone. Recently I also found Illinois Statutes, which is exactly what it suggests — IL law in your pocket. It’s awesome to have the whole code at your fingertips, except, well, judges and bailiffs often don’t like it when you’re playing with your phone in court. Also, my phone is just too slow for “quick” searches. It’s great to have it there if you get in a pinch, but its actual utility value is kind of low.

What we all need is fast access to legal databases in the courtroom. Will it ever happen?