Welcome to the imbroglio!

If I were Stephen Colbert I would tell you that this site is related to ambivalent imbroglio like a chirping eaglet is related to a screaming eagle, but since I like to think my ego is considerably smaller than Colbert’s, I’ll just say that this site is the logical extension or successor to your trusty old ai. If you found anything valuable there, you’ll probably find some value here. At least I hope so. At any rate, welcome!

If you’re new to imbroglio-esque productions, you might be interested in learning a bit more about the site. If you’re a former ai reader, you might be wondering: Why the new site?

The truth is, I’ve been thinking about starting fresh for some time. First, I’m just tired of Moveable Type and wanted to move to WordPress. Second, ambivalent imbroglio had simply become unweidly and slow with its hundreds of posts and pages and hacks. Third, it had also become an incredible spam-generator. Finally, and perhaps most of all, I wanted to put together a new site that could take advantage of all the advances in blogging and technology that have come along in the last three years. The goal was to create a clean and simple site that offered maximum possibilities for feedback and reader participation. Of course, once I started digging into WordPress and its plethora of plugins, simplicity kind of got cast aside in favor of all the bells and whistles that captured my attention. However, I hope you will still find the site interesting (both visually and more qualitatively) and easy to navigate. If you’re wondering about all those bells and whistles be sure to visit the about page for tips on how to use this site.