Bush wanted war on Iraq from day one

Two weeks ago I noticed this little bit at Crooks and Liars: New Documents Show Bush Administration Planned War in Iraq Well Before 9/11/2001. The documents seem to be just as described — the Bush administration was making plans to invade Iraq at least as early as January, 2001. According to the National Security Archive, “September 11 was not the motivation for the U.S. invasion of Iraq – it was a distraction from it.”

So, um, why hasn’t this been bigger news? This world is insane.

Todd Henderson: Ridiculous Law Professor

If you’re a University of Chicago Law Professor, married to a doctor, with a combined household income of over $250k/year, um, stop whining. Seriously. You sound like a complete asshat.

It’s hard to believe this man is allowed to teach anyone anything. Apparently, his “research interests” include “corporations, securities regulation, bankruptcy, law and economics, and intellectual property.” Shock.

Obama the Assassin

Glenn Greenwald on Obama’s assassination program:

I actually can’t believe that there is even a “debate” over whether an American President — without a shred of due process or oversight — has the power to compile hit lists of American citizens whom he orders the CIA to kill far away from any battlefield.  The notion that the President has such an unconstrained, unchecked power is such a blatant distortion of everything our political system is supposed to be — such a pure embodiment of the very definition of tyrannical power — that, no matter how many times I see it, it’s still hard for me to believe there are people willing to expressly defend it.

Um, exactly. What world are we living in here? What country is this?

Texting Trending Up

Unknown source:

Texting has surpassed email, phone, and face-to-face conversation as the main communication vehicle for 12-17 year olds.

And girls 14-17 years old send 100 texts/day? Really? These data, along with the fact that the source of the data is apparently not the least bit important, suggest we should just give up on the future. It’s not going to be pretty.

Drive by linkage….

Just a few notes on the way to the cigar stand: Judges who pay attention to what people are wearing in court only make themselves look ridiculous and make us all lose respect for the judiciary. Similarly, stories speculating about whether law school is a bad investment are ridiculous because the evidence is overwhelming: Law school is a horrible, very bad, no good investment, and something people should do only if it would kill them not to, which is to say, something no one should do, ever, anymore. Or, if you won’t listen to reason, at least try to go to a “best value” school, even though the every idea is a fantasy. There are no good deals on law school. Really.

But then, what job or profession really is awesome these days? Maybe jobs that give unlimited vacation would be nice, but they don’t address the much bigger problem that “the U.S. is alone in the industrialized world in that millions of mainly low-wage workers have no paid vacation at all.” Little facts like that, and that little problem of mass incarceration and what appears to be becoming a domestic war on Islam (the ugliest current manifestation of our stadium mob mentality) and you really have to wonder: what the hell is wrong with us in the U.S.? At least we have no shortage of funny books to read.

But, wait, even great fiction loses its charms when judges are getting removed mid-trial for making rulings the government dislikes. WTH, people? And someone thinks eye-rolling should be considered disorderly conduct? Don’t tell anyone in my courtroom or the State’s Attorney will have to be locked up for committing disorderly conduct about a hundred times every day.

Can’t I just move to Finland? It’s the world’s best country!

Hoptober Golden Ale Returns


Hoptober is back!

Hoptober is made up of Centennial, Cascade, Sterling, Willamette and Glacier hops, while pale and wheat malt are mashed with rye and oats. Its creative elements spark a bonfire of citrus notes, fruity cheers and a bold finale.

“The wide array of hops creates a series of flavors that slowly unfold on the palate,” said Bryan Simpson, New Belgium spokesperson. “This beer embodies the shift to fall with its bountiful taste and blend of ingredients.”

Ed Dopman, San Francisco Beer Ranger and champion of the 2009 Ultimate Beer Ranger Challenge, recommends pairing Hoptober with Italian fennel salami and Taleggio cheese on sourdough bread.

“The five hops used in Hoptober provide just enough bitterness to cut the buttery, meaty flavors of Italian fennel salami, Taleggio cheese and sourdough bread,” said Dopman. “The four malts used in brewing this golden ale also give just the right body to stand up to the autumn wind, while remaining delicate enough to quench one’s thirst after a bike ride.”

So good. So happy.

Kindle v. iPad for ereader? Kindle, apparently.

Being an Apple fan I have to admit I’ve always scoffed at the Kindle; why would anyone pay a couple hundred dollars for this thing when they could buy an iPod Touch for the same price or an iPad for a bit more and get so much more functionality in the bargain. Now, after seeing a comparison of the Kindle and iPad displays under a microscope, as well as both compared to printed text under magnification, I understand — the text on the Kindle is much, much more like printed text.

Oh, and just in case you’re thinking that the iPhone 4 makes these comparisons moot b/c of its famed “retina display,” think again. It’s far better than its predecessors, but still all pixellated compared to the Kindle.

(Original link via Daring Fireball.)

iPhoneless , but…

It’s going on two months since I gave my iPhone a coffee and cream bath. I put it in rice for a few days and it seemed to work fine for a day, then… Gone. When it will turn on, it reboots itself randomly. When it’s not rebooting itself, app store apps don’t launch. The phone won’t ring and if I make a call the phone freezes when I hang up. Grrr.

I thought maybe if I took it apart I could see where the coffee was and try to clean it out. I bought an iPhone battery and repair kit with screwdriver and suction cup and “spudgers” and got to work. Using these helpful directions from iFixit, and these, I pulled everything apart and replaced the battery. While inside, I looked for evidence of coffee or cream residue but saw nothing obvious. I hoped maybe just the new battery would do the trick, but, well, no. It seems to reboot less, and it holds a charge better, and the battery monitor displays correctly when it’s charging or not (which wasn’t true before), but it still doesn’t work.

As a final effort, I tried a restore to factory settings and that wouldn’t work. First I got error 1603, then error 1013. The latter apparently indicates “a hardware issue with your device.” You think? Yeah, thanks.

So now the thing is truly a brick. The operating system got wiped and it won’t restore. At this point it doesn’t seem to even turn on anymore. *sigh*

Good thing my very own iPhone 4 just arrived in Chicago this morning, huh?

iPhone comming

Finally YouTube is Awesome

Want to see just maybe one great internet video every day? Check out Devour:

Devour sifts out the best videos and posts the well-curated collection every weekday. Fewer cute kittens, fewer skateboarding nutshots, fewer tween heart throbs, and lots more awesome.

It works. And if you’re looking for one awesome video for today, here’s one of my all-time favorites:

That video is too old to have appeared on Devour, but “Words” is maybe the best thing I’ve seen from the new service.

Grammar Nazis

A Man, A Plan And A Sharpie: ‘The Great Typo Hunt’:

Incensed by a “no tresspassing” sign, Jeff Deck launched a cross-country trip to right grammatical wrongs.

He enlisted a friend, Benjamin D. Herson, and together they got to work erasing errant quotation marks, rectifying misspellings and cutting unnecessary possessive apostrophes.

The Great Typo Hunt is the story of their crusade.

In 2 1/2 months, Herson and Deck traveled the perimeter of the country, exploring towns and cities in search of typos. They found 437 typos and were able to correct more than half of them.

Really, guys? And people are actually buying the book you wrote about this? Really?