Cost of beer living

NewImage.jpg I learned last week on the absolutely wonderful Chicago Architectural Foundation boat tour that Chicago was known in the 19th century as a really hard-drinking town. Our docent said something about Chicago having more bars per capita than in all of the states of the southern U.S. combined. So it’s no surprise that Chicago is a great place for drinking beer.

Today it’s also no surprise that it costs a lot to enjoy a tasty cold beverage in Chicago. The best example of this that I’ve seen recently is this: A beer tasting in Chicago costs $65; a beer tasting in Montana costs $25. Sure, the Chicago event features more than twice the number of beers, but really, how many different beers can you taste at one event?

When I moved here the interwebs told me that the cost of living would be 45% higher in Chicago than in Montana. To my dismay, I’m pretty sure the interwebs were right.

Gun crazy

I hardly know what to say to this:

A Billings man driving home from work around 5 p.m. Monday spotted his car that had been stolen from him that morning. He chased the car until it stopped on the 2600 block of Fourth Avenue South and managed to hold one of the passengers at gunpoint until police arrived.

“He was actually going home from work at the time of the call,” Billings Police Sgt. Scott Conrad said. “It was a red Suburban. He chases it down and there’s four occupants in the vehicle. Three run. He catches one of the passengers, with one hand at gunpoint and one hand on the phone calling police dispatch.”

Really? And the guy who chased a car through town (at what speeds!?) then pulled a gun and threatened to shoot a teenager walks away w/o being charged with the crimes he just committed? Really? Because somehow, suddenly it’s legal to use deadly force in defense of property? What!? And out of 75 comments, only about 4 even express skepticism that this is a good idea? Really?

Do you feel safer thinking that anyone could point a gun at you and threaten to kill you with impunity? Is this the society we really want to live in?


RB: MT p.d. work not recession-proof

From Skelly quoting The AJB’s and Me:

…(T)he State of Montana Office of Public Defender may change how they handle their conflict cases, resulting in a significant decrease in the availability of contract work for us and many of our friends. Basically that’s like getting advance notice that layoffs are coming at your work… We naively thought we had pretty recession proof work because in hard times more people need public defenders…

Rah-roh, Raggy! Really? Anyone else heard anything like this? I have many friends who pay lots of their bills on conflict/contract work from the MT public defender’s office and I haven’t heard a thing from them about this, but maybe the rumor just hasn’t reached them yet?