Child life without parole: The U.S., Somalia, and South Sudan

Last week Cook County Judge Angela Petrone resentenced Adolfo Davis to natural life in prison without the possibility of parole for his actions as a 14-year-old accomplice to a gang-related double murder in 1990. This sort of sentence could only happen in three countries in the world:

Juvenile life without parole is banned in the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child, which has been ratified by every country in the world except three: Somalia, South Sudan and the United States. In Somalia and South Sudan, there are no known cases of people serving a life without parole sentence for a crime committed as a minor. In the U.S., there were around 2,500 as of 2008, according to a Human Rights Watch tally.

Oh what wonderful company we keep when we practice purely punitive, rather than rehabilitative, justice. 

Todd Henderson: Ridiculous Law Professor

If you’re a University of Chicago Law Professor, married to a doctor, with a combined household income of over $250k/year, um, stop whining. Seriously. You sound like a complete asshat.

It’s hard to believe this man is allowed to teach anyone anything. Apparently, his “research interests” include “corporations, securities regulation, bankruptcy, law and economics, and intellectual property.” Shock.

Cost of beer living

NewImage.jpg I learned last week on the absolutely wonderful Chicago Architectural Foundation boat tour that Chicago was known in the 19th century as a really hard-drinking town. Our docent said something about Chicago having more bars per capita than in all of the states of the southern U.S. combined. So it’s no surprise that Chicago is a great place for drinking beer.

Today it’s also no surprise that it costs a lot to enjoy a tasty cold beverage in Chicago. The best example of this that I’ve seen recently is this: A beer tasting in Chicago costs $65; a beer tasting in Montana costs $25. Sure, the Chicago event features more than twice the number of beers, but really, how many different beers can you taste at one event?

When I moved here the interwebs told me that the cost of living would be 45% higher in Chicago than in Montana. To my dismay, I’m pretty sure the interwebs were right.