Word of the Day Imbroglio

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Imbroglio derives from Italian, from Old Italian imbrogliare, “to tangle, to confuse,” from in-, “in” + brogliare, “to mix, to stir.” It is related to embroil, “to entangle in conflict or argument.”

Rather appropriate, don’t you think? Thanks to Monica for the tip!

(In case you miss it, I’ve preserved it for posterity in the screenshot at right. You’re jealous aren’t you? Yeah, I know….)

Testing: Post to the future

According to this discussion thread, I can schedule a post to be published in WordPress at any time in the future simply by setting its date and time to that future point. This is a test of that feature. It should appear at around 10:35 a.m., Mountain Time.

UPDATE: Worked like a charm! That is so easy! I’ve been fighting w/cron jobs for Movable Type for so long I can’t believe how easy it is to schedule posting in WordPress. I’m definitely migrating ambivalent images to WP as soon as possible!

Testing Feedburner

I’m not very patient. I just did the whole Feedburner thing. This is a test for the new feed…

UPDATE: I can now successfully subscribe to both the main feed and the comments feed in both Bloglines and Yahoo. I hope you can, too! (Please let me know if you can’t so I can continue working on it.) For some reason Google still can’t find the feed.

The (apparently partial) solution for now was to create a Feedburner version of the feeds and just use htaccess to redirect from the WordPress base feeds to the feedburner versions. I still don’t understand at all why this should be necessary, but I have a sneaking suspicion it’s got something to do with one of the gazillion plugins I’ve installed in the last week while playing around. I’ve learned that a small number of other people have had similar problems but no one has found a Feedburner-less solution that would work for me, so Feedburner it is. Subscribe away!

I’m not sure things are as fixed as I thought. Although I doubt you, dear reader, are interested in this, I’m just going to document what I’ve done here so I can follow it later if necessary. It seems my htaccess magic created a recursive loop—you “burn” Feed A, then redirect Feed A. So back to the drawing board. The WP instructions for using Feedburner suggested I solve this problem by creating a new RSS feed template and sending that to Feedburner. Instead, I just tried “burning” one of the specific feed URLs (/wp-rss2.php) to see if that would solve the problem. For comments I tried /wp-rsscomments2.php. We’ll see if that works.

At some point I also tried revising the wp-feeds.php file, as instructed here. That’s supposed to redirect people from your default WP feeds to your feedburner feed, but it only seemed to create an empty feed w/no content.

Here’s hoping my slightly revised htaccess solution works.
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Mysteriously missing WordPress RSS feeds: Help?

So much for the grand plan to create a snazzy new blog that is user-friendly and high-tech. Immediately upon welcoming visitors to the site, Jeremy notified me that my RSS feeds weren’t showing up in Bloglines. Ironically, I’ll bet he learned of the problem so quickly via the RSS feed of ambivalent imbroglio, which seemed to work just fine. Grrr.

After looking into the problem for a bit now, I have to admit I’m flummoxed. NewsFire, my RSS reader of choice, was able to find the feeds just fine. Firefox can also discover the feeds and turn them into “live bookmarks” w/out a problem. But no matter what I try, Bloglines insists there are no feeds at theimbroglio.com. Yahoo and Google Reader say the same thing. Can anyone out there offer any advice for making WordPress feeds work in Bloglines, Yahoo, and other online feed readers?

So far I’ve found the Feeds docs on the WordPress Codex and everything appears as it should be there. I’m using custom permalinks so the feed protocol is:


That’s what works in NewsFire and Firefox. The Customizing Feeds doc explains how to modify the feeds, so I’m wondering if a small change there—possibly in the header—would make the feed more recognizable to more readers. Any ideas?

As you can see if you scroll down to the bottom of the sidebar, I installed the Subscribe Me plugin (see all those “subscribe” butttons?) in the hope that it would solve the problem. Sadly it only makes it easier to see that the feed isn’t working on the major online aggregators.

The Feed Validator can see my feed, although it does find a few errors (all generated by plugins, I think). Could any of those errors be the problem?

At least one other person has had the same problem, but her solution doesn’t seem to work here. I tried all variants in Bloglines; no go.

I have a feeling that if I just signed up w/Feedburner and let it handle my feeds the problem would be solved. Like NewsFire and Firefox, Feedburner can also find the feeds w/no problem. I’m not really wild about that idea, but maybe it’s worth a try…
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Welcome to the imbroglio!

If I were Stephen Colbert I would tell you that this site is related to ambivalent imbroglio like a chirping eaglet is related to a screaming eagle, but since I like to think my ego is considerably smaller than Colbert’s, I’ll just say that this site is the logical extension or successor to your trusty old ai. If you found anything valuable there, you’ll probably find some value here. At least I hope so. At any rate, welcome!

If you’re new to imbroglio-esque productions, you might be interested in learning a bit more about the site. If you’re a former ai reader, you might be wondering: Why the new site?

The truth is, I’ve been thinking about starting fresh for some time. First, I’m just tired of Moveable Type and wanted to move to WordPress. Second, ambivalent imbroglio had simply become unweidly and slow with its hundreds of posts and pages and hacks. Third, it had also become an incredible spam-generator. Finally, and perhaps most of all, I wanted to put together a new site that could take advantage of all the advances in blogging and technology that have come along in the last three years. The goal was to create a clean and simple site that offered maximum possibilities for feedback and reader participation. Of course, once I started digging into WordPress and its plethora of plugins, simplicity kind of got cast aside in favor of all the bells and whistles that captured my attention. However, I hope you will still find the site interesting (both visually and more qualitatively) and easy to navigate. If you’re wondering about all those bells and whistles be sure to visit the about page for tips on how to use this site.