It started with ambivalent imbroglio and the agonizing decision to leave graduate school and go to law school. Now that law school is over, it’s time to move on. So welcome to the imbroglio: Same great ambivalence, now with more sky!

As you may have gathered, your humble blogger is currently a former law student who hopes to be a law graduate very soon. He is pseudo-anonymous, and therefore will be pseudonymously known as “the imbroglio” or “timbroglio” or “ti,” whichever you prefer. This blog will chronicle the next chapter in your humble blogger’s life: Beginning a career as a criminal defender. Along the way it will also comment on politics, pop culture, and whatever else strikes its fancy—all from left of the dial. Welcome! Please come back early and often!

Cast of characters:

  • Your humble blogger
  • “L.”—Your humble blogger’s ever-patient and ever-loving partner in life and crime.
  • The Family Imbroglio—Mother, Father, and Sister Imbroglio
  • Sisu—The dog imbroglio. “Sisu” is a Finnish word and concept loaded w/many meanings. For the sake of simplicity, I just tell people it means “spirit” b/c our dog has plenty of that.
  • ?—Will you become a character? Only time will tell….

How to use this site:

  1. Read new content regularly: All new content appears in the main column of the front page and in the “little imbroglios” sideblog in the sidebar. The “little imbroglios” are posts that are too short or too random or too something to appear within the main column. The “little imbroglios” appear in the archives along w/all the rest of the posts in chronological order. Click the “⇒” symbol to visit the link on which the “little imbroglio” is based.
  2. Participate and give feedback: the imbroglio is designed to make it easy for you to participate. The easiest way to add your two cents is by rating each post—just click the stars below a post to rate it. Better yet, rate the post and leave a comment. You can also comment on your own site and leave a trackback here. You can comment on or send trackbacks to “little imbroglio” posts by clicking the “#” sign at the end of each post. Finally, scroll down in the sidebar to vote in the current poll.
  3. Learn more and find the best stuff: The stats page offers more information about the imbroglio. You might especially enjoy the Top 10 lists, where you can see which posts other readers have found most interesting. Lists include top-rated, most-commented, most-emailed, and most-viewed.
  4. Entertain yourself: Reload the home page and most archive pages to change the image at the top and the “tagline” in the sidebar. Both the images and the taglines rotate randomly with every pageload via the magic of WordPress plugins. (Ninety-nine percent of the images are cropped versions of images that have appeared on ambivalent images. A few may appear there soon, and others never appeared there for whatever reason. Ninety-nine percent were taken by your humble blogger, but occasionally you might also see an image that someone else has sent me.)
  5. Dig in: Explore the archives. They’re organized by month (via the drop-down menu) and category. Or just follow the tags at the end of each post to find related content. (More on tags below).
  6. Get bookish: See the books I have read, will read, or am reading, and share your thoughts and reading suggestions in the library.
  7. Connect elsewhere: Click the tags at the end of each post to find other posts on that subject. On the archive page for each post you can also find links to technorati, flickr, and delicious tags on each topic. See the little images following each tag? Follow any of those links to see who else is talking about, photographing, or bookmarking that tag’s subject. Finally, check out the blogroll for a small selection of some of the great blogs I read daily (or as often as I can).
  8. Note: This site looks best in FireFox. If you’re using IE 6 to view this site things might look a little strange. If you’re using IE for Mac, just fughedaboudit. If you’re using Safari 2.0 or better, it should look just about right, but earlier versions of Safari will make it incredibly hard to read. Your mileage on other browsers will vary.

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