What winter break?

PD Wannabe is loving her ((I’m making a gender guess here. Apologies if I’m wrong.)) winter break from law school. I’m so jealous I think I might cry.

As I was going through law school I didn’t enjoy the actual school part all that much. I was constantly disappointed with what we learned and the way the academic culture seemed to reward regurgitation of material rather than any attempt to advance it. Of course, now that I’m working I look back with much greater fondness on law school and one of the things I miss most is all the free time. Compared to my life now, law school looks like a three year vacation.

So enjoy it while you can, PD Wannabe. Work is great, but there really is nothing that beats a true winter break. And spring break. And summer off. And fall break. And all the hours in every day that are “free” for you to fill as you choose.


2 thoughts on “What winter break?”

  1. My six day work vacation (in which I had to use vacation days I haven’t even earned yet) was nothing like the three week winter breaks that I have grown accustomed to. I’m already sad that I don’t have a spring break and have started planning another trip home for a long weekend in March or April.

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