Public Defenders Overpaid? Right.

So says a hatchet job article in the Boston Herald. The comments do a pretty good job of pointing out how misleading and inaccurate the article is. It’s sad when something like this can be called “news.”

But and so, what the heck has happened to Public Defender Stuff? It’s been silent for a month and while that’s pretty normal on this here blog, it’s very not normal for PD Stuff. Gideon is still posting regularly on his main blog, which is good, but… I miss PD Stuff. Anyone know what’s going on?

3 thoughts on “Public Defenders Overpaid? Right.”

  1. Yeah, my decision does not seem exactly wise economically, even less so the longer I go without a job. On the bright side, I’m finding some good volunteer opportunities. One is to help out at PD Stuff, but the others should have me back in the jail doing what I can for the peeps until I get a license. Meanwhile, I’m just a blogging geek. What can I say?

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