No, Woman In Black, don’t go!

One of my favorite blawgs in the last year or two seems to have disappeared. Woman In Black was an experienced public defender in some western state who shared great insights about her practice, constitutional law, and also some details of her particular state’s law and practice. This all came with frequent and funny anecdotes about her personal life — children, dates, movies, etc. She had a great mix and I always enjoyed catching up on her posts.

So imagine my dismay when I visit today to find Blogger saying, “Sorry, the blog at has been removed.” What!? Google shows that her last post on Nov. 5 suggests that she has decided not to be a woman wearing black any longer:

One of the heaviest things, mentally and emotionally, about the job is that I am responsible for my clients in so many ways. Yeah, we all know we are supposed to “counsel” and “advise” and “assist” in decision-making, but that’s really bullshit when you are talking about our clients. How many times a week do you get asked, “What should I do?” or told “If that’s what you think, I’ll do it.” or even “Tell me what to do.” But then there is the segment of clients you simply can’t tell ANYTHING to, or at least they won’t hear what you are telling them. So, my poorly-drawn analogy is that America is like the public defender client base. And now Obama is responsible.

So I wore black just about every day for the last eight years and now I don’t have to. It is oddly liberating.

That’s cool (and a good example of her style—frank, smart, always w/an edge of humor), but this doesn’t mean she has to stop blogging! Please Woman In Black, come back!

2 thoughts on “No, Woman In Black, don’t go!”

  1. Thank you for those nice words. I will blog again – I miss my blog. I just got swamped with some of the very most important work one can do…and was getting a lot of flack, so to speak. I have been on two dates with two Republicans in two weeks, my big child has antibiotic resistant strep, my small child makes me laugh, and I am training to run a 10K (and I have not been able to run 6.2 miles since the year I took the TX bar exam – 1989). That is my life!!!

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