One Person On Your Side

Golden Gate University Law School Professor Peter Keane is featured on today’s edition of This I Believe on NPR. The good professor was the chief assistant public defender in San Francisco for 20 years and he believes that “everyone, no matter what they have done, deserves to have one person on their side.”

Me, too, Professor Keane, me too.

It’s a great essay. I highly recommend it. Professor Keane makes a good case for the layman who asks of public defenders: “How can you defend those people?” It reminds me of one of the best answers I’ve ever heard to that question, which comes from Blonde Justice, with some further interesting discussion of the question itself. Also highly recommended.

Perhaps these discussions resonate with me at the moment because, well, right now, I *don’t* defend those people. Currently I am unemployed. For personal reasons I have moved to Chicago and am now searching for a job. I would like nothing more than to continue to be a public defender, so if any reader out there has any connections, however tenuous, with anyone in the Chicago criminal defense community, please let me know!

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