Cool links from cool people

Half of babies born in rich world will to 100. That’s going to be hell on social security. New York City’s PS22 Chorus is really surprisingly great. I especially love their version of The Cure’s Pictures of You. I guess Ashton Kutcher does, too, which means I am cool or a tool, and I am not asking you to decide which. Meanwhile, thousands of hyphens perish as English marches on. I never would have thought to put a hyphen in bumblebee anyway, so I’m not going to be a crybaby about it, and neither is my pot belly.

And just so you know, information really is beautiful — just look at where all our money goes. So basically, um, we give most of our public money to the military industrial complex and the banking/financial sector. These appear to be incredibly efficient means to transfer public dollars into private hands. OMG I love this country!

Speaking of which, whatever you think of President Obama’s Nobel Price, you have to agree with the U.S. State Department that we’re making progress when the world is throwing accolades at our leaders instead of shoes.

Also, They Might Be Giants are making music for kids and they performed and talked about it on Science Friday a while back. I did not know the sun was no longer a mass of incandescent gas, but now I do. This information makes me a little sad, but I think I will survive.

Oh, and also also, a year ago today I moved to Chicago. *sigh*