Fight ’em until we can’t.

Thanks to the magic of Tivo I just got to see last Friday’s BSG premier. What an incredible show! The multiple cylons all talking to each other and walking the streets of New Caprica ((Do cylon models actually ever challenge themselves? I mean, does one Number Six ever argue with another Number Six? Or do members of the same model always more or less agree and echo each other?)), the irredeemable Baltar ((Will Baltar ever be able to redeem himself in the eyes of the people? I miss Baltar in his lab making cylon detectors and then lying about the results. Baltar as politician is just tired.)), the captive Kara (Starbuck) and her cylon baby (!?), Tyrol’s eye ripped out like a boiled egg and his dark and mad babblings about being on the side of the demons… We’re talking good tvhere, people. I’m bothered by the fact that Starbuck sort of seems to be genuinely warming up to her cylon boyfriend/captor, by the idea that Roslyn might have been, um, well, I won’t say in case you haven’t seen it. But what bugs me the most is Fat-Ass Apollo. That just creeps me out. L. says his whole crybaby fatsuit thing is not really well explained by the show, but I disagree. To me, nothing says “hopeless” like a Fat-Ass Apollo. Let’s hope EJO’s plan is going to work. ((And of course the plan will work. I give the show about three more episodes on “New Caprica”—at most. Just like in the second season when the show was mired in a two-track plot where half of it took place on Caprica proper, I’m already tired of this terrestrial version of the show.))

Politically, this season premier makes some jabs at switching sides. In the first season, a popular interpretation of the the humans on the run from the surprise attack on their home was that the humans were just like the U.S. after 911, the cylons were the terrorists, etc. That sort of works until the cylons take over, which they have done. So now we’re supposed to think the cylons are the U.S. as the unwanted occupiers of another “country” and people? And the humans are the “insurgents” fighting to liberate themselves from the occupation? Hmm. Really?

I guess we’ll have to see… ((The title of this post is a quote from Starbuck at the end of last season’s finale. When the cylons come marching into New Caprica, Tyrol turns to Starbuck and asks, “What are we going to do now, captain?” The title is Starbuck’s response. It would also be the perfect name for a public defender blog, don’t you think?)) [tags]battlestar gallactica[tags]

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  1. I’m figuring we’re getting Fat-Ass Apollo so we can get some sort of montage later showing Apollo getting all buff again. Kinda like the return of Rocky.

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