The Disassociate: All new!

I’ve been reading the daily humor at The Disassociate for some time now, but in the busyness of recent weeks I’d fallen a little behind. Now, better late than never, I was delighted to find The Disassociate has moved into a brand new home with a stellar redesign and a store where you can buy greeting cards featuring some of The Disassociate’s greatest hits. I’m particularly fond of “pose,” “grad,” and “lexis,” but they’re all excellent, depending on your audience. Definitely check them out.

Also, if you’ve got what it takes to make a short video, The Disassociate has a challenge for you:

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT! THE DISASSOCIATE IS STARTING A VIDEO SERIES ON FRIDAYS WITH THE FIRST ONE ON OCTOBER 13TH. WE WILL PAY $50 for the best (as determined by us) 1 minute (or so) short and post it in lieu of a comic on Friday. You keep all rights, Yada-yada. The only requirements – it cannot be offensive and it must involve The Bluebook.

Here’s hoping we finally get to see a few examples of what the bluebook is really good for! [tags]humor[/tags]

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