Horrifically stupefied…

Yesterday the U.S. Senate gave the President the power to torture, the power to detain anyone, any time, for no reason, forever. Those detained will not be able to challenge their imprisonment; no one may ever know they’re even in prison. Glenn Greenwald has the blow-by-blow on yesterday’s “debate” and vote [via TDQ]. As soon as Bush signs this into law, anyone, anytime, could just disappear forever into U.S. military custody. The world has seen these kinds of tactics before. I note in this connection that the recently declassified snippet from the National Intelligence Estimate reports that “leftist” groups are terror threats. Only the President (and any lackey’s to whom he designates the power) can say who is an “enemy combatant.” I’m sure you can do the math from there…. [tags]terrorism, torture, bush administration, fear, congress, conlaw[/tags]

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