Things that are ridiculous

  1. A federal judge deporting a woman who was living in the U.S. illegally for six years and was about to marry an American when she accidentally crossed into Canada for about 30 seconds and then tried to return to the U.S. More ridiculous are the comments on that story, and more ridiculous still is the general xenophobia of the U.S.
  2. The so-called “health-care debate.” No one should have their lives destroyed by a health crisis and the way to prevent that is to make sure everyone has quality insurance. Single-payer would do that just fine. Instead, as Brian Unger points out, we are “too busy, lazy, a bit stupid perhaps, lucky, unsympathetic, in-denial, really rich, hypocritical, selfish … and patriotic.” Awesome. See also Glenn Greenwald on the misdirected anger and resentment of the teabaggers. The poor are not our enemy! Corporations are!
  3. U.S. Marshalls continuing to “hunt” for three men who may or may not have survived an escape from Alcatraz 47 years ago. We can’t pay for healthcare but we can pay for stupidity like this? If these guys survived and have not committed any new crimes, leave them alone! The point of law enforcement should be the safety and well-being of society. How are we safer or better off as a society if these men are recaptured? (Assuming, of course, they are even alive, which is highly unlikely.)

But giving up? Really? Come on.

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