Hey reader! By which I mean you people subscribing to this blog in an RSS/newsreader. Has it seemed like this blog has been dead for, like, forever? Or at least since May? Well, that’s because I’ve posted rarely and randomly. But it’s also b/c the feed was screwed up, I think, by a WP update or something. I think it’s working now. I mean, I hope it is. If you — someone, anyone, Beuller — would be so kind, could you just drop a little note to let me know whether you successfully received this post in your feedreader of choice?

I wish I’d never gotten involved w/the feedburner monster, but as long as it’s working, well, cool.

6 thoughts on “Hi.”

  1. Excellent. Thanks all for responding. It’s nice to see someone’s still out there, despite the lack of regular interesting content around here. I hope to change that very soon, but then, doesn’t everyone w/a blog hope to have the time and energy to generate a constant flow of witty bon-bons for all of their wonderful readers? Three cheers for hope! But really, thanks for still reading, and even more for responding!

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