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  1. What is this site trying to accomplish? For some reason I suspect it’s been created by someone who opposes the war and is sort of saying “I told you so” as he/she watches Republicans catch a clue. However, it could just as easily be created by some hard-right warhawk who wants to criticize Republicans who support a pullout. What’s the deal?
  2. Two years ago today Ambivalent Images was featured on I haven’t given up the effort to post a photo each day, but I have obviously fallen a bit behind. Sadly, small town life and full-time work have not been combining to create super photo-taking opportunities of late. I hope to change that soon.
  3. Speaking of DC, this murder there last week is terribly sad.
  4. I saw Little Miss Sunshine over the weekend. It was good. I laughed out loud a lot. However, I do think if you haven’t seen it already it will be just as good if you wait for video. Lawrah says it’s the “Best. Movie. In. A. Very. Long. Time.” Like I said, it’s good, but Washburn’s critique is also accurate. And you have to admit that the end is just, well, borderline creepy. So a mixed bag, but you will laugh, definitely.
  5. If you’re headed back to your second year of law school about now, Ian at 3L Epiphany has some advice for you. FWIW, I pretty much agree with all of it.
  6. I am not nearly as glad as I thought I’d be that I don’t have to start school again soon. That doesn’t mean I’m sad about not starting school, but there are some great benefits to the student life. To those of you heading back about now I just say: Enjoy it while it lasts!

UPDATE 8/29/06: Ok, I should have just read a little further. Cut and Run Now is the creation of an anti-war person—Dave Winer of Scripting News. He started the site after watching Meet the Press and getting incensed that Republican pundits were saying “of course it’s time to get out of Iraq, and that real Republicans were against going into Iraq in the first place!” Hmph.
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