Three Years, we hardly knew ye!

Sadly it seems that Three Years of Hell, a Columbia law student blog, ((All this time I could have been helping Anthony “own” the terms “a Columbia law student blog and I didn’t even know it!)) is over—today. Anthony’s blog has been a regular read for me for, oh, about three years now, and it really does feel like the end of an era to see it shutting down. As I’ve said before, I completely empathize w/the impulse many law students seem to have to leave blogging behind once they move on to the next stage of their lives. God knows the imbroglio has sort of become a blog in name only in the last couple of weeks as I try to find some balance of time and topic that will fit with my own new situation. But just because I understand what Anthony is doing, that doesn’t mean I won’t miss checking in on, or wrangling with, his conservative-yet-mostly-reasonable take on law school, politics, and life. ((What’s the best way to describe a gay-friendly conservative? It’s a rare bird in my experience, plus the mostly-reasonable part, which often enables Anthony to rise above conservative orthodoxy. He’s a complicated guy!)) Even though we’ve disagreed more often than not, he always made me think and frequently offered invaluable insight into conservative think as well as the technical intricacies of blogging and Movable Type—all of which I will definitely miss.

So thanks for Three Years of Hell, Anthony, and best of luck to you in whatever it is you’re doing next. I guess if you’ve finished the three years you must now be the devil so please let me know when you start your new blog, The Devil’s Daily Details!

And for all you readers of Three Years or this blog, be sure to check out one of Anthony’s final posts—a magnum opus of advice for law school bloggers. If you’re just getting ready to start a law student blog you should definitely read this post.

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