List every job (other than those listed in response to preceding questions 23A and 24), including without limitation all temporary, part-time, full-time, and self employment, paid or unpaid, you have held for the ten year period immediately prior to the date of the filing of this application. List jobs in reverse date order so that your current or most recent (non-judicial and non-legal) employment is listed first.

Lawyers are the biggest idiots on the planet. I want to pull my hair out!!!!

Also not helping: This blog is somehow broken. The RSS feed’s not working, which it never really has in any way that was satisfactory, and I can’t post through the xml-rpc interface. So sadness all around. The dearth of posting here means fewer people follow anyway, and the hassle associated w/keeping the damned thing running, updating software, troubleshooting, etc., is beginning to outweigh the benefits. Hmph. Changes to come. Suggestions always welcome.

3 thoughts on “Nightmare”

  1. I’m probably alone on this, but don’t really use the RSS (I’m primitive that way), so I’d be perfectly happy if you switched to a low-tech site — especially if it meant more posts!


  2. I use RSS and have been waiting FOREVER for you to post again. Welcome back!

    I say: use WP 2.5. That’s the best, and least-buggy version out there.

    PS I am re-applying to law school. Currently am with a school which is evaluating my transcripts (of my prior law school stuff) to determine if I should be admitted as a 2nd year student or a first year student. They are also counting all my time as a paralegal, my para certificate, and my doctoral studies. So yay! :-) Keeping limbs and eyes crossed for good luck!

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