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Just a few notes on the way to the cigar stand: Judges who pay attention to what people are wearing in court only make themselves look ridiculous and make us all lose respect for the judiciary. Similarly, stories speculating about whether law school is a bad investment are ridiculous because the evidence is overwhelming: Law school is a horrible, very bad, no good investment, and something people should do only if it would kill them not to, which is to say, something no one should do, ever, anymore. Or, if you won’t listen to reason, at least try to go to a “best value” school, even though the every idea is a fantasy. There are no good deals on law school. Really.

But then, what job or profession really is awesome these days? Maybe jobs that give unlimited vacation would be nice, but they don’t address the much bigger problem that “the U.S. is alone in the industrialized world in that millions of mainly low-wage workers have no paid vacation at all.” Little facts like that, and that little problem of mass incarceration and what appears to be becoming a domestic war on Islam (the ugliest current manifestation of our stadium mob mentality) and you really have to wonder: what the hell is wrong with us in the U.S.? At least we have no shortage of funny books to read.

But, wait, even great fiction loses its charms when judges are getting removed mid-trial for making rulings the government dislikes. WTH, people? And someone thinks eye-rolling should be considered disorderly conduct? Don’t tell anyone in my courtroom or the State’s Attorney will have to be locked up for committing disorderly conduct about a hundred times every day.

Can’t I just move to Finland? It’s the world’s best country!

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