Kindle v. iPad for ereader? Kindle, apparently.

Being an Apple fan I have to admit I’ve always scoffed at the Kindle; why would anyone pay a couple hundred dollars for this thing when they could buy an iPod Touch for the same price or an iPad for a bit more and get so much more functionality in the bargain. Now, after seeing a comparison of the Kindle and iPad displays under a microscope, as well as both compared to printed text under magnification, I understand — the text on the Kindle is much, much more like printed text.

Oh, and just in case you’re thinking that the iPhone 4 makes these comparisons moot b/c of its famed “retina display,” think again. It’s far better than its predecessors, but still all pixellated compared to the Kindle.

(Original link via Daring Fireball.)

2 thoughts on “Kindle v. iPad for ereader? Kindle, apparently.”

  1. Hah! The mighty Apple has been defeated…by a product that probably will never actually catch on. I still prefer old-fashioned books, and so do most of the people I know.

  2. Yes, real paper books are great, but the only reason I prefer them is that you can share them. Otherwise, give me an ebook any day, primarily b/c I can always have it w/me so it’s much easier to read a few pages here and there throughout the day during those little moments of time when you’re out and about and don’t have your paper book with you or when you don’t have time to dig it out of your bag, find your page, etc. An ebook — or an entire library of them — can always be with you. I started reading ebooks on a Palm z22 — tiny, really low-res, black & white screen. I read thousands of pages that way. Now my iPhone fills that bill. Sure, the experience of real books or the Kindle might be superior, but I have no complaints. I guess I’ll have to remember this when if I ever need to get glasses or something….

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