iPhoneless , but…

It’s going on two months since I gave my iPhone a coffee and cream bath. I put it in rice for a few days and it seemed to work fine for a day, then… Gone. When it will turn on, it reboots itself randomly. When it’s not rebooting itself, app store apps don’t launch. The phone won’t ring and if I make a call the phone freezes when I hang up. Grrr.

I thought maybe if I took it apart I could see where the coffee was and try to clean it out. I bought an iPhone battery and repair kit with screwdriver and suction cup and “spudgers” and got to work. Using these helpful directions from iFixit, and these, I pulled everything apart and replaced the battery. While inside, I looked for evidence of coffee or cream residue but saw nothing obvious. I hoped maybe just the new battery would do the trick, but, well, no. It seems to reboot less, and it holds a charge better, and the battery monitor displays correctly when it’s charging or not (which wasn’t true before), but it still doesn’t work.

As a final effort, I tried a restore to factory settings and that wouldn’t work. First I got error 1603, then error 1013. The latter apparently indicates “a hardware issue with your device.” You think? Yeah, thanks.

So now the thing is truly a brick. The operating system got wiped and it won’t restore. At this point it doesn’t seem to even turn on anymore. *sigh*

Good thing my very own iPhone 4 just arrived in Chicago this morning, huh?

iPhone comming

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