Harry Potter 4 days and counting

Who is *not* looking forward to the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows? Ok, lots of you, I’m sure, and if you’ve read and loved the previous books, you are probably, like me, looking forward to this last book w/some sadness—it will be the end!

But no need to dwell on that. Better to focus on the joy of anticipation and make sure you’ll have your very own copy to consume at your liesure. So if you want to get a copy of the book for nearly 50% off, plus get a $5 gift certificate to use on anything else at Amazon, and if you want to get guaranteed delivery of the book on its release date of July 21, then you need to order by noon Eastern today! And yeah, if you order through that link, you’ll be giving me like 50 cents, too, so what are you waiting for? ;-)

(This crass commercialism has been brought to you by the letter H.)

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