There are ponies

Big news: I am employed!!

Remember my agonizing from just a couple of weeks ago? You know, when I thought there was no way I was going to get the job I wanted? Turns out it was all for nothing. I got the call late last week to set up the interview, interviewed earlier this week, and got the offer later the same day. I am now a Montana Public Defender!

It all happened so quickly I almost couldn’t believe it. I’ve been dreaming about this job since I learned of the Montana Public Defender Act last October, and I gambled big on the fact that I would get it. Then, just like that, I’m hired. Is it any wonder I still find it hard to believe?

The day I got back to Missoula for Bar/Bri classes Professor Paula Franzese was giving her last lecture on property and she told this joke about these two twins. One was very pessimistic and cynical, the other was hopelessly optimistic. The twins’ father wanted to try to balance them out, so for Christmas he shut them in their rooms with their presents. The father filled the pessimist’s room with wonderful toys and gadgets and all good things, and he filled the optimist’s room with horse manure. After a while he went to check on them. The pessimist was standing in his room, arms folded in defiance: “You can’t fool me, dad. I know life is never really like this.” (Or something like that.) The father found the optimist busy in his room full of manure, whistling a happy tune as he carefully put the manure into tidy piles. The father couldn’t believe it and asked his optimist, “Son, how can you remain so happy among all this crap?” And the optimist answered, “Well, with all this crap, there must be ponies coming!”

Franzese’s point was that studying for the bar is a bunch of crap, but she promised that there are ponies to come. Now that I have a job—and not just a job, but the job I really wanted, the one I gambled everything on—I know she’s right. There are ponies, people. There are definitely ponies. Now about all this crap in my room…. [tags]good news, billings, job search, montana[/tags]

29 thoughts on “There are ponies”

  1. Awesome! Congrats! It must be such an immense relief to know that the final big piece has fallen into place just sa you had hoped. Can’t wait to hear how it goes!

  2. That’s awesome. So when a newly-graduated law student calls up the Montana PD’s office next year and asks for “the imbroglio” because she wants to join your ranks, is that going to be a problem?

  3. Thanks you all for the congratulations! You’re all too kind. In answer to your questions:
    1. raquel: The floor is . . . ok. It’s still rougher than we wanted, but we’re leaving it for now.

    2. pseudostoops: Um, I’m pretty sure no one would know what you were talking about if you called up the Montana PD and asked for “the imbroglio.” They might think you’re referring to one of their clients and ask, “which one?”

    3. Skelly: Yes, it’s in Billings! My “commute” will be about 15-20 minutes on foot, 5 minutes by bike. (Try that in a big city, eh?)

  4. This is so awesome. There are a few people GW, including me and you, for whom I thought getting the jobs we wanted would be the equivalent of “beating” GW and its vision of corporate law. And here you are! This is incredible. Congrats!

  5. Re: the commute. Billings doesn’t have a great bus system (it’s almost non-existent compared to cities with real public transportation systems), but if you happen to live near a bus line, that’s a good option too on bad weather days. My parents live across the street from a bus stop, so my mom can take the bus to work downtown.

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