Testing: Post to the future

According to this discussion thread, I can schedule a post to be published in WordPress at any time in the future simply by setting its date and time to that future point. This is a test of that feature. It should appear at around 10:35 a.m., Mountain Time.

UPDATE: Worked like a charm! That is so easy! I’ve been fighting w/cron jobs for Movable Type for so long I can’t believe how easy it is to schedule posting in WordPress. I’m definitely migrating ambivalent images to WP as soon as possible!

2 thoughts on “Testing: Post to the future”

  1. interesting. i’ve never had a problem with this on typepad, i continually future date posts and they get revealed at the magic time. blogspot, on the other hand, will happily put it out there with a future timestamp. pretty stupid, and one reaon why i don’t like using it.

    on the other hand, i’m glad you like wordpress. i don’t like it (though i do like it more than blogspot) very much at all. i don’t like the admin interface, the look and feel, etc.

  2. Hey, you have a typepad blog? Where!?

    I’m not crazy about the wordpress admin interface, but I don’t go there that often b/c ecto takes care of most of the work for me. Do you really think Typepad has anything on WP in the admin interface area? They’re both pretty modal, if you ask me, forcing you to click through many layers to find or access what you need much of the time….

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