DSL Modems: Aren’t they all the same?

Question for any tech-minded readers out there: I’m trying to sign up w/Qwest for DSL service at our new house. We had DSL w/Verizon at our old place so I still have the DSL modem that Verizon made us rent/buy. Qwest tells me I have to have one of the modems on their list of compatible modems, but I don’t want to buy another modem. Are they right that if I don’t have one of the modems on their list the service is not going to work? Could Qwest-provided DSL really be so different from Verizon-provided DSL that they require different modems? I mean, I’m sure it’s possible, but I’m skeptical. Anyone know?

3 thoughts on “DSL Modems: Aren’t they all the same?”

  1. Not all DSL equipment is created alike. Equipment at both ends of the line is generally made by the same manufacturer. The manufacturers like it that way, much like Sony or others never like to standardize connectors on all devices. It forces the telcos to keep buying more equipment.

    It also is cheaper for Qwest in the long run to just send you a new modem – lowers the possibility of equipment compatibility and wasting their (valuable?) customer service’s time.

  2. Mike B: Thanks for that. I guess I’ll just buy Qwest’s stupid modem. One reason I don’t want it is that it comes w/a wireless router built in. I already have *three* wireless routers that work perfectly fine! Grr.

    Justin: What you talkin’ about? This choler scheme is sweeet. Are you using some antiquated browser that makes it look all crap crap?

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