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I fear that very soon will be another time in my history when the internets will no longer be easily accessible. ((I have had high-speed internet access for about four years straight. It’s so great, I can’t even imagine life without it. I bed I’d read more books.)) Therefore, I ask you, dear readers:

What music should I make sure I obtain in this last precious week during which I have a nice high-speed connection? What are you listening to these days? What is the one cd or track you think no one should have to live this life without? What do you recommend for a cross-country drive in the jangle wrangle cab of a rented moving truck? Share your suggestions, por favor, and I will be eternally grateful! [tags]music, recommendations[/tags]

7 thoughts on “Tune me up”

  1. Southern Pacific’s Zuma album is a great roadtrip record.

    But of course my recommendation would be anything by Huey Lewis and the News. Huey’ll be your new neighbor, you know… (In all seriousness, try out Plan B. Not a huge commercial hit, but very strong musically with lots of blues and upbeat R&B and such running through it.))

  2. I little Spank Rock- he’s a Baltimore hip-hop artist with a funky edge. If you want to check out a song try “Bump.”

    Since it’s such a long drive, you should download the 2 Ricky Gervais podcasts- 9 hours of pee yourself funny.

  3. For the energetic moments:

    Curve–The Way of Curve
    Belle and Sebastian–The Life Pursuit
    I swear by those Depeche Mode remixes I think I sent to you
    The Wrens
    I love me some Duran Duran (Seven and the Ragged Tiger or before, please)
    Fruit Bats-Mouthfuls
    I’ve also been very into New Order lately (i think I’m reliving high school)
    The New Pornographers–I like Mass Romantic the best
    Have you heard the new Neko Case?
    Prince is excellent for road trips, you know
    Scissor Sisters
    (( I guess I should just make you a bunch of CDs. Just say the word. ))

    For the quiet times:
    Jose Gonzalez–Veneer
    Damien Rice–O
    Lali Puna–Faking the Books

    so, when you move to the Land Without DSL, will you write me letters?


  4. Andrew Bird’s “Andrew Bird and the Mysterious Production of Eggs” is a masterpiece.

    I also loved Architecture in Helsinki’s “In Case we Die;” however this may be a bit too chipper and energetic for such long ride.

    Older stuff: you already have Joanna Newsom’s lyrically and musically brilliant “The Milk-Eyed Mender,” right? (you will love it or detest it, especially her strange voice). And Erin McKeown’s subtle and smart post folk/big band “Distillation” (and “Grand”)? If you like the electronic stuff, I am not ashamed to be keen on either Ladytron (_Light and Magic_, esp.) or Fischerspooner’s “Odyssey.” These however will make you drive too fast.

  5. I second Washburn’s accolade for Andrew Bird. Within three listens you will be swaying and singing along.

    I have also just discovered a band called Metric; download “Succexy” and I guarantee you will be hooked.

  6. cds going out to you tomorrow. shins, lali puna, andrew bird, fruit bats, snow patrol, metric, curve, etcetera….
    they should get to you in time, methinks.


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