Graduate This

I almost forgot—GW’s graduation ceremony is today! I was reminded of this when I went to update the daily image and found the photo of the commencement ticket I had put in the queue weeks ago.

Happy Graduation, GW law students! I hope you all have healthy and happy careers! ((Except for those of you who end up simply working to further enrich those who are already wealthy, in which case, I hope you end up being spectacular failures!)) [tags]graduation[/tags]

4 thoughts on “Graduate This”

  1. Congrats to you too!

    And don’t forget that we need the wealthy attorneys to donate to and get corporate sponsorships for the non-profits where the rest of us are working (as my friend who is a partner in a biggish firm keeps telling me!)…

  2. hey ai — i need some help. could you give me a restaurant suggestion in georgetown? — my criteria are chill, good food, reasonably priced. i need to pick a dinner place for a group of 8. greatly seek your wisdom!

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