Return of Law Mom, and Best Wishes

Welcome back to Kim, formerly of the blog known as “Mother In Law,” who has returned to blogging at the same url but under the title The Merits of the Case. Kim is a blogger with a fascinating perspective on life — for many reasons. Kim started blogging a couple of years ago as she started law school; her goal at the time was to write about what it was like for a mother with several children to rearrange her life in order to attend law school full time while also continuing to be a mom. But, as she explained in an email:

I took my blog (Mother In Law) down back in January of this year. I was finding it hard to balance school and the kids, and I felt pressure to write (granted, from myself) but I never had the time. I decided to just can the whole thing and be the best blog reader I could be instead. I’ve missed posting from time to time when I have a really good law school story or when awesome people like Martha and Jen publish books and I’ve contemplated beginning to blog again, but I wasn’t motivated enough to do it. Until now.

Last week, after several weeks of tests and worrying, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was out of the blue and has meant quite an adjustment for me and my family. (Should make law school pretty interesting, too.) . . . I decided to reinstate the blog as a way to keep my family and friends up to date about what’s going on with my treatment.

Kim has already begun the process of keeping her readers updated about the progress of both the cancer and her treatment; her first few posts provide an intimate first-person account of the early surgery and diagnosis. Those posts also put law school right in its place as Kim writes:

The idea of a law school casebook reading assignment is surprisingly comforting to me. I never thought I’d say that briefing cases and reading procedural rules could be comforting, but I think it is because it is familiar and I know how to do that. I haven’t quite figured out how to have cancer yet.

What, other than cancer, could possibly make law school seem comforting? ((Of course, I must confess that, after being out of law school for a year, I have, at times, looked back on it fondly and have even occasionally wished for the days of reading cases and preparing for classes, but it’s different if you’re in it. This point also stands out especially vividly as I read Ivy Briefs, which is really all about how law school tends to destroy a person’s perspective on absolutely everything else. More on that in another post…)) That’s only part of what I mean when I say that Kim has a fascinating perspective on life; she’s a writer from whom we can all learn a great deal. She’s also a blogger who can use her reader’s support, so if you have had cancer and overcome it or know someone who has, or if you just have insights to share, stop by The Merits of the Case and say hello. [tags] cancer, blogfriends, books[/tags]

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