Click with caution!

I believe there may be two or three people who actually visit this page once in a while to see if there are updates (others read on RSS, which I think is the better way). This message is for those of you who actually load the page: Don’t click on the random photo near the top of the page. It will take you to my now-retired photoblog, and then you’ll quickly be redirected to some sort of pr0n site to which you probably don’t want to go. I will try to fix this soon, but first I have to figure out how the heck some hacker made this happen. I assume it’s some sort of exploit of the randomization code that makes the photos change. Any suggestions or help would be appreciated.

Meanwhile, you spell meringue m-e-r-i-n-g-u-e. Just so you know.

Also, this writ of supervisory control was the highlight of last week.

One thought on “Click with caution!”

  1. i still read on the site sometimes. one of our interns in the AK PD this summer is from GW. i haven’t heard from you in like a thousand years. email me!


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