Maybe I should have gone…

I decided long ago I wouldn’t be participating in law school graduation festivities, but then I get this email about something called a “Dean’s Reception”:

The Dean’s Reception will be held at the National Air and Space Museum. . . This looks to be a fantastic event, with live music on both upper and lower levels, the entire museum open for viewing, IMAX movies showing free of charge, and the flight simulator open all evening. Food and drink will be available at multiple locations throughout the museum.

It sounds kind of cool, doesn’t it? Too bad I gave all my tickets away. But then I see this at the end of the email and I don’t feel so bad:

Professional business attire is suggested for all attendees (coat and tie for gentlemen, business or cocktail attire suitable for a professional event for ladies).

Yeah. No thanks.[tags]graduation, gw[/tags]

2 thoughts on “Maybe I should have gone…”

  1. Glad to hear your not going. I’d decided not to go to a number of events, but then questioned my decision wondering if you’d be there, because if you were there it might have been fun. Since I now know that you weren’t, it seems like laying on the couch all day reading and playing video games was the right choice.

  2. Yeah, well I gave all my tickets to all these things away so I don’t have much choice in the matter now… ;-) Speaking of which, I know someone who would love to take her whole family to the Dean’s Reception so if you’re not going and have tickets, please let me know and I’ll put you in touch w/her.

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