We be buyers!

A bright shot of the comfy living room of our new home.The second house we bid on did not get away! As you can see from the picture at right (a view of the living room w/the seller’s furniture), it’s not as grand as the fixer-upper we decided not to bid on, but it’s in tip-top shape, has a huge fenced yard for our dog, includes a garage and a dishwasher, and has more room than we’ve ever lived in, so it has everything we were hoping for. We’ll have an inspection next week and have to get insurance and finalize the financing, but I’m pretty confident we’ll be moving in by mid-June.

It feels a little crazy to be buying a house we’ve never seen, but Mother Imbroglio looked and liked, so that’s reassuring. It’s probably even crazier to be buying a house before I even have a job, but there you go. Besides, L. has a job, so I’m sure we’ll be ok. She said she wanted me to sponge off of her for as long as I wanted. Really. She’s just that sweet. [tags]homebuying, montana, real estate, realtors, L.[/tags]

8 thoughts on “We be buyers!”

  1. Welcome back into the bosom of domesticity, good friend. Man, moving out into the wild lands, living the American dream with the fenced-in yard–has to give you a little feeling of stability at least, even though this whole job thing is still up in the air. Plus, having a sugar mama….things have to be feeling pretty good!

  2. Thanks all! We’re definitely looking forward to the stability and American-dream life of homeownership and a nice fenced yard. Sadly, the fence is not picket (it’s chain-link), but hey, you can’t have everything, right? Expect to hear much more about it once we actually see it!

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