Testing Feedburner

I’m not very patient. I just did the whole Feedburner thing. This is a test for the new feed…

UPDATE: I can now successfully subscribe to both the main feed and the comments feed in both Bloglines and Yahoo. I hope you can, too! (Please let me know if you can’t so I can continue working on it.) For some reason Google still can’t find the feed.

The (apparently partial) solution for now was to create a Feedburner version of the feeds and just use htaccess to redirect from the WordPress base feeds to the feedburner versions. I still don’t understand at all why this should be necessary, but I have a sneaking suspicion it’s got something to do with one of the gazillion plugins I’ve installed in the last week while playing around. I’ve learned that a small number of other people have had similar problems but no one has found a Feedburner-less solution that would work for me, so Feedburner it is. Subscribe away!

I’m not sure things are as fixed as I thought. Although I doubt you, dear reader, are interested in this, I’m just going to document what I’ve done here so I can follow it later if necessary. It seems my htaccess magic created a recursive loop—you “burn” Feed A, then redirect Feed A. So back to the drawing board. The WP instructions for using Feedburner suggested I solve this problem by creating a new RSS feed template and sending that to Feedburner. Instead, I just tried “burning” one of the specific feed URLs (/wp-rss2.php) to see if that would solve the problem. For comments I tried /wp-rsscomments2.php. We’ll see if that works.

At some point I also tried revising the wp-feeds.php file, as instructed here. That’s supposed to redirect people from your default WP feeds to your feedburner feed, but it only seemed to create an empty feed w/no content.

Here’s hoping my slightly revised htaccess solution works.
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