Be safe out there.

Friday. Could there be a better day? So much possibility and promise; just 8 more hours and the weekend stretches out before you like a tantalizing seductress. “What do you want to do with me?” She asks. “I’m all yours…”


I had a client for a few months who had spent what he estimated to be 12 years of his life on the “high side” of prison, along with most of the rest of his life in other units of the prison and in other jails around the region. Whenever our meetings ended he would always tell me the same thing: Be safe out there. It’s a sort of thoughtful tic, really, coming from someone who has spent so little time “out there,” it’s nice of him to be so concerned. My own theory, after getting to know this guy a bit and learning about his life, is that he really never learned how to live “out there.” Being “outside” is a daunting challenge for him and he has very few skills or strategies and even less practice coping with the challenges of everyday life on the outside. Don’t get me wrong; he hates prison and jail; sadly, he just keeps ending up there b/c trying to live on the other side of the bars presents a whole different kind of trouble for him.

Anyway, to quote my former client: Have a good Friday, and be safe out there. [tags]clients[/tags]

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