Don’t call it schadenfreude…

Call it a nightmare of the bureaucratic state. Call it capitalism gone bad. Call it the “law bubble” (a la the “housing bubble”) that has popped. Whatever you call it, this story about skilled, highly accomplished attorneys having trouble finding work says a lot about our economy, or at least the legal economy. Things are bad.

But what makes this truly postworthy is the 2nd paragraph of the third comment:

All joking aside, when I worked at a certain federal agency that collects money from taxpayers many years ago, the fax machine for incoming resumes was in a locked closet on the fourth floor of an old building on Pennsylvania Avenue. Once a week, a part-time secretary would take all of the accumulated faxes, and put about four of them on someone’s desk, and the rest went into the recycling bin. Often, there was not enough paper in the fax machine to last a day or two.

Can there be a better image of bureaucratic dystopia? If so, I have never seen it. Schwarzschild wormholes, indeed!

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