Sucka! (Who, me?)

Ok, I was totally duped. I read on my treo RSS reader that Gideon of the blog “a public defender” was quitting his job to go into private civil practice and I totally believed it. My treo downloaded the post before he updated it to say that it was an April fool’s joke and I haven’t had time to look into it further since reading it, so for two days now I’ve been wondering, ‘How could he do that? What’s going to happen to PD Stuff!?’

Ha. The joke’s on me. Of course, my gullibility has a context. Two of my colleagues right in my office have left in the last month to pursue, um, other things. One left after about 5 years as a PD to become an investment banker (!?), the other is leaving to become a part-time prosecutor w/a private civil practice on the side. That sort of makes me ill.

That brings to a total of three the number of PDs in my office who have quit to become prosecutors since I started at the office 20 months ago. At least one of them was a great public defender and an inspiration to us all, so seeing him go to the dark side like that is demoralizing and sad beyond words. That aside, the idea that such a relatively large number (close to 1/5th of our total attorneys) of public defenders in our office clearly will switch sides to make more money speaks volumes about the defense culture here. I’ll just leave it at that…

Anyway, I’m glad it’s not that way nationwide and that Gideon was only joking.

3 thoughts on “Sucka! (Who, me?)”

  1. If the appropriate opportunity arose, I would totally become a prosecutor.

    And by “appropriate opportunity”, I mean have the ability to dismiss the fuck out of cases.

  2. I’ve always wondered about that. If I were to become a judge, would I be able to resist the urge to dismiss bs cases immediately? I might not last very long as a judge, but what the heck.

    “You sir, what are you here for?” “Breach of peace?” “Dismissed!”

    Sorry that you got caught in the joke, TI. Just some harmless AFD fun :)

  3. oh man. that’s outrageous! i’m not sure i could speak to the former colleague. i don’t understand how, after seeing what we do as pds, you could switch sides. it’s like suddenly deciding the death penalty actually is righteous and war in Iraq was a damn fine idea, well executed and democracy now reigns…

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