RB: MT p.d. work not recession-proof

From Skelly quoting The AJB’s and Me:

…(T)he State of Montana Office of Public Defender may change how they handle their conflict cases, resulting in a significant decrease in the availability of contract work for us and many of our friends. Basically that’s like getting advance notice that layoffs are coming at your work… We naively thought we had pretty recession proof work because in hard times more people need public defenders…

Rah-roh, Raggy! Really? Anyone else heard anything like this? I have many friends who pay lots of their bills on conflict/contract work from the MT public defender’s office and I haven’t heard a thing from them about this, but maybe the rumor just hasn’t reached them yet?

One thought on “RB: MT p.d. work not recession-proof”

  1. Looks like there are no sure things anymore. What’s probably going to happen is that the few public defenders left on the payroll are going to be working massive hours to get their work done, if they aren’t already.

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