GW Law School: All Fun and Games

It seems the students currently attending my alma mater ((I think “bountiful mother” is really over the top as a moniker for a school you’ve attended. Perhaps that’s why only pretentious putzes — such as myself, apparently — use silly latin phrases like that.)) are finding themselves w/far too much time on their hands.

Introducing Not the Bene at GW Law, a sort of blog/newsletter filled with satirical and humorous stories about the life and times of GW Law School. If you’re a recent grad, don’t miss the revelations about Prof. Friedenthal ((To me Friedenthal will always be the kindly man who taught me almost nothing about evidence, but that may not have been as much his fault as mine.)) or the lowdown on Mr. Cakelove. ((I miss Cakelove and I think I was only in there twice. It’s not about whether I went there, it’s about the fact that when I lived in DC I could have gone there any time I wanted. Now I can’t. Nostalgia blows.))

Best of all, the recent riff on the “Cart Lady” also links to a discussion board thread listing reasons to attend GW. Suddenly I can’t imagine how I could have ever regretted going there myself. [tags]humor, GW[/tags]

5 thoughts on “GW Law School: All Fun and Games”

  1. The cakelove guy is awesome. I went to a poetry reading there once. Teenagers read poetry written by incarcerated teens. It was incredibly powerful, and a wonderful and simple act of community activism.

  2. I agree. WAY too much time, or… Nearing graduation, perhaps? Spring break? 2L slump? 1L blues? Advanced Legal Research too boring?…
    Mostly, though, no one at Not The Bene can imagine not having attended school at GW, either.

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