Memory only!

Today’s Courtoon is priceless:

bar exam II Courtoon

I took the IL bar exam last week and one reason it seemed more difficult this time than the first time was exactly this. Having practiced a bit the bar exam seems even more absurd and even more like a hazing ritual than it did when I was fresh out of law school.

Why don’t lawyers get together and make this madness stop? Oh, I know: Because once you’ve passed and started working you really don’t have time to think about stupid crap like the bar exam. At that point it’s just not your problem anymore so the stupid thing continues, becoming more and more irrelevant every year.

Lawyers are masochists.

5 thoughts on “Memory only!”

  1. Not only is not the problem of already-licensed lawyers, but given the huge glut of lawyers in the market, there is an incentive to maintain as many artificial barriers as possible.

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