Schmapp! Chicago

Wishbone Restaurant

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Way back in 2005 I was in Chicago w/L and her family and her sister took us to the Wishbone cafe. Now my snap of the place has made it into the Scmapp! Chicago interactive map/travel guide. Cool. Great place for breakfast, too.

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  1. I still haven’t figured out how to comment on your twitter entries, but this is in response to Obama speaking well without notes. It is true, and have you noticed that he listens most of the time without taking notes. One exception I have noticed is during the debates. It seems to me that his message is so consistent that he can apply it in every conversation and situation. Oh, and BTW, there is a very loud buzz that he will be visiting us here in Wyoming in a couple of days. Stay tuned. The Wyoming caucus just may count for something this time!
    P.S. Cool Pic.

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