Two feeds?

I know it doesn’t seem to readers of this blog as if anything is happening here. If you subscribe to the RSS feed you’ve gotten a few twitter updates recently, but that’s about it. The truth is, I’m kind of busy, but I’ve also been thinking about what to do w/the site. My initial thought was that I’d make the whole thing into a tumblelog, a single stream of pretty much everything I stumble across in my my web travels that seems interesting, funny, or otherwise worth sharing. For some, that would be fine — you’d be happy to skim through the twitter updates, the links to random articles, the quotes, whatever, and just pay attention to whatever you find interesting. I’m sure others would find that annoying — the signal-to-noise ratio would be too high.

The solution I’m considering at the moment would be to promote two feeds — one would be for substantive content and would be updated relatively infrequently, while the other would be more stream-of-consciousness and random. You could subscribe or pay attention to either, both, or neither. Thoughts? Suggestions?

A few resources that might be helpful in this project (mostly for my own benefit):
DIY WordPress Tumblog
WordPress plugins for tumbling
T1, a WP Tumbletheme
Tumble-hybrid Deuce theme

3 thoughts on “Two feeds?”

  1. I vote for one feed, because it’s easier on me, and it’s all about me, of course. But, if you gotta go with two, so be it. I just joined twitter because of you with all these little tweet things popping up and the “@so-n-so” that was making me scratch my head at first. So as long as I can still folllow you on twitter, then it’s all good, I guess. Bring it.

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