Endless Opportunities

When I was in law school I somehow managed to take and/or post a photo nearly every day for a couple of years. It was a cool little side project and I had nearly endless amounts of fun with it. Nearly every time I left our apartment I made sure I had my camera and kept my eyes peeled for anything unusual or noteworthy to capture for that day.

However, since I moved to Montana and got a “real” job, that “every outing is an opportunity” feeling has pretty much come to an end. Somehow I can’t seem to find the time to take and post photos like I used to. But it’s not just time; I simply haven’t been that inspired by what I see every day. Something about living in D.C. just made everything seem photo-worthy. I suspect everything looked like a good photo because everything I saw was new and different and foreign to me. Here, I’m back in more or less the environment I grew up in, so it often doesn’t seem interesting enough to photograph. Added to that is the fact that often the things I see every day aren’t things that would be appropriate for public posting and/or they are in places where it probably wouldn’t be very cool for me to whip out a camera, e.g., court, jail, etc.

Yet, taking a few minutes to look around Flickr, I realize how silly I’m being. Just check out the All Montana group, Montana Scenes, or the Billings group, and it’s clear that there are many absolutely spectacular photos all around here, just waiting to be captured. If that’s not enough, these lists of additional Montana photo groups lead to even more great shots and ideas for pictures yet to be taken.

Isn’t there some cliche about taking the opportunities you have, rather than passing them up because they aren’t the opportunities you wish you had? I’m sure there is. I need to remember that one…

Anyway, if you’re at all interested in following the imbroglio’s renewed effort to snap more pics, check out the flickr imbroglio, where the most recent pics are/will be posted. And if you’d like to contribute to the success of the flickr imbroglio, give the gift of pro! ;-)

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