No! I didn’t study!

I had a random dream about law school last night — the first I can remember in a long time. Class was getting out and I was stuffing my notes into a big accordian file when another student asked me if I thought maybe it was time to try to organize my things a little more. In my mind I realized that this student knew that I was just stuffing every note and paper I got from law school into this file and never looking at it again. So I confessed to that. I said, “Sure, but that would mean I’d have to spend time on school outside of class, and I never do that.”

“Well, that exam next week is going to be pretty tough,” this student said seriously. I smiled and nodded and got the heck out of there but I woke myself up with the miserable anxiety of “OMG, I haven’t studied! That test is going to kill me! I don’t know any of this stuff! OMG! OMG!”

Sometimes I miss law school (mostly all the “free” time it offers). Not today.

2 thoughts on “No! I didn’t study!”

  1. ::chuckles:: I’ve not been out of law school long enough to have that dream yet. Besides, I’m still living it — for the damnned bar exam next month (I’m *so* going to blow that exam).

  2. I miss school too!!! I want my free time back — I had so much more of it when I was in law school. Law firm life sucks any time and happiness you had right out of you. Seriously.

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