Imbroglio Library Updates

Several books in the library have been updated, including In the Shadow of the Law, Uglies, and a very brief bit on Defending the Damned (which I’d still like to review more extensively when I get the time).

Now Reading tells me that I’ve read an average of one book/month in the last year, which is actually better than I’d thought, but at the same time not surprising. There really is nothing like a good book to give a busy mind a break, and my mind was plenty busy in 2007. Here’s hoping I can maintain or even increase that average in 2008. Just as important, I hope I can do better at actually commenting on the books as I read them instead of getting to that months later when I’ve forgotten everything I’d like to say about them. For example, when I read Courtroom 302 I had pages and pages of things to say about it—terrific book! But by the time I got around to actually attempting to write some of them down, most had fled my mind. That doesn’t help much if the goal is to keep a record of reading that will be meaningful both to myself and to others down the road. I’ll try to be better this year, really…

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