Random thought while reading 9 REasons Not to Attend Law School”: Lawyers who regret and complain about choosing to become lawyers are a little like addicts complaining about taking their first drink, hit, whatever. Shut up and deal, people.

And yes, I’m talking to myself here.

BTW: I’m still trying to figure out what to do with this blog. Patly because it’s so dormant, I sometimes feel official retirement is the way to go. And then I think, no, it just needs to be changed up. And then I think: Quit distracting yourself from studying for the bar, you idiot!

3 thoughts on “Whining

  1. hey –

    I am SOOO happy to be back in law school it is ridiculous. I don’t know if I’ll be a lawyer when I graduate (probably I will), but this time, I am going to stick to my guns and MAKE IT! :-)

    And ditto about the complainers. They’re the crackheads of the legal profession.

  2. I’d miss your blog, or at least your blogging voice. IME there is some value in post-law school starting a new one to complement your new state as clued-in professional rather than confused student. It can even help you believe that the first part is true ;-)

  3. As someone who very much wants to know more about what the transition from student to worker bee is like, in order to gain a more informed opinion about the end result, I wish the opposite. I wish (like with my eyes shut tight and my heels clicking together one-two-three) that people would just continue their blogs straight on through. I want to see the cocoon open, I want to see the wings unfurl, to see how hard the winds blow when the new lawyer starts off into the ether of legal practice.

    Wish number two: that the kathy with a “K” who does not have a link I can follow, would tell me how to contact her so I can learn more abut this intriguing notion of being ridiculously happy to be “back in law school”. What’s this? You left? What makes you glad to be back?

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